While buying products on YOC, it is extremely important that you select the right payment method for yourself. YOC offers an array of payment options, both online and offline, which are made available to you through YOC website only. Different payment methods have innumerable advantages and every option can work differently for different buyers.

Before you buy an item, always make sure that the chosen payment methods will work for you.

Payment Methods

Online Bank Transfer

Credit Card

Debit Card

About Payment Options 

Online Card Payments

Visa, Master and American express Card payments are processed through an online payment gateway system. You need not worry about your card information falling into the wrong hands because your bank will authorize the card transaction directly without any information passing through us. In approximately 25-30 seconds ,  your bank will issue, using the online payment gateway, an authorization code and confirmation of completion of transaction.

Yes Oui Care , as a secure transaction, uses the latest 128 bit encryption technology and other sophisticated methods to protect your credit card information. You can book your product using SSL encryption (the internet standard for secure transactions).. You can be assured that Yes Oui Care offers you the highest standards of security currently available on the internet so as to ensure that your shopping experience is private, safe and secure.

If the payment on the credit card is declined for some reason, alternate payment instructions must be received by Yes Oui Care  72 hours prior to the time of departure of goods ; else, the order is liable to be cancelled.

What do we do to monitor safety and security of online transactions?

  1. We serve and deal with a niche market. We do not cater to the masses with our products. Our worldwide patrons are a select segment of consumers, who choose and share the idea of contributing to a good cause through their choices.
  2. We use a reliable and secure payment gateway for all online transaction.
  3. In order to monitor any kind of fradulent activity during online transactions,

we have the following rules to scrutinize such transactions:

  • Email notification to the Buyer with online order booking invoice and asking for a confirmation
  • Telephonic confirmation for every order of $ 300 or more, booked through online transaction
  • If required, depending a case and the sensitivity of a situation, we may ask for verification of a transaction in order to prevent fraulent activity.


How do I know how much to pay?

  • In the product details listing
  • In the invoice sent by YOC
  • After you selected an item and added it to the shopping cart, the Pay Now button is usually the fastest way to pay YOC. The Pay Now button will appear in the listing after you check out an item, in the shopping cart.
  • When you click the Pay Now button, most of the time your payment details will be automatically calculated for you. These details will match the postage and handling, tax (if applicable), and multiple purchase discounts that can be found in the listing below the item description.

Golden Rules for Safe Online Purchase:


  1. Check the product details thoroughly before buying.
  2. Pay safely - always use our dedicated payment gateway with options to pay with Credit / Debit card, Online Bank Transfer
  3. Always complete your transactions on YOC through HDFC bank payment gateway.
  4. Never share your personal information & password for making a transaction with YOC
  5. In case of any suspicious activity or doubt during your online purchase, please contact YOC (......@yesouicare.com)


We will be glad to verify and make your online transaction secure!